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Alpha manipulation

General Information about Alpha Manipulation

Alpha Manipulation, more commonly known as Chroma Key compositing is an effect that changes the background of the picture to a different background the editor may want.

More information can be found on the pages for the effects themselves:

  1. Chroma Key (for simple chroma key effects)
  2. Color Selection (for complex chroma key effects)

Effects in the Alpha Manipulation Category

  1. Alpha gradient
  2. Alpha operations
  3. Alpha shapes
  4. Chroma Key
  5. Color Selection
  6. Rectangular Alpha mask
  7. Rotoscoping
  8. Key Spill Mop Up

Compositing Reference Material

For some background, the Wikipedia article in alpha compositing is useful. See also Porter, Thomas; Tom Duff (1984). "Compositing Digital Images". Computer Graphics 18 (3): p253–259 1984 pdf

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