Kdenlive/Manual/Settings Menu

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Settings Menu

Settings menu.png
  1. Manage Project Profiles
  2. Download New Wipes
  3. Download New Render Profiles
  4. Download New Project Profiles
  5. Download New Title Templates
  6. Run Config Wizard
  7. Themes
  8. Toolbars Shown
  9. Full Screen Mode
  10. Configure Shortcuts
  11. Configure Toolbars
  12. Configure Notifications
  13. Configure Kdenlive

Settings Menu - Mac OS X

Kdenlive Settings OSX.png

On the Mac OS X build of Kdenlive the Settings menu does not contain the Configure Kdenlive menu item. The equivalent on Mac OS X is the Preferences menu item found under the Kdenlive menu.

Kdenlive Preferences OSX.png

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