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Timeline pane

時間軸位於 Kdenlive的中心部分。它由四部分組成。(請看畫面截圖)。

  • 1 - 影音軌調整大小功能。這兩個圖示允許您增加或減少影音軌的高度。預設的高度可以在 Kdenlive's Settings 對話盒裏設定。
  • 2 - Timeline ruler. 影格中顯示時間或是 hh:mm:ss 符號。綠色高亮的區域叫做選擇區,當您只想合成專案的某部分時是很有用的功能,左鍵時間軸的尺將移動timeline cursor 然後到達那個位置。 The Timeline ruler context menu allows you to manage Guides.
  • 3 - Track header. This box shows some options for a track. First is the track name (Video 2 in the screenshot). That name can be changed by simply clicking in it. Below are icons to Lock the track Icon-kdenlive-lock.png (prevent adding / removing clips), Mute the track Icon-kdenlive-hide-audio.png, and Hide video Icon-kdenlive-hide-video.png from this track. Right clicking in the track header will give you a context menu allowing to manage (add / delete) tracks.
  • 4 - The track itself, this is where you can drop your clips.

Timeline Cursor/Position Caret/Playhead

Kdenlive timeline playhead.png

This indicates the position we are displaying in the Project Monitor. You can scroll the position by dragging the Timeline cursor (a.k.a Position Caret or Playhead).

Beginning with version 0.9.4, dragging the timeline cursor will play the audio of the clip (a.k.a. Audio Scrubbing). This feature only works if you have checked Use Open GL for video display in Settings -> Configure Kdenlive -> Playback.


The timeline is made of tracks. There are two kind of tracks: audio and video. The number of tracks is defined when creating a new project in the Project Settings Dialog. Adding a clip in timeline can be achieved by dragging it from the Project Bin or the Clip Monitor.

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