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Titles are text elements that can be added to the timeline and appear over the top of other clips. Titles are created in the Project Bin and then dragged to the timeline like other video clips.

If you want titles to overlay other footage, you put title clips on video track 1 and have the other footage on video track 2. You also need to retain the affine transition that is automatically added to the title clips if you want the footage visible underneath.

要做一個新字幕,您可選擇 Add Title Clip ,從 Project Menu 或從右鍵開窗Project Tree


從這裏Project Tree 點擊兩下開啟一段字幕,或是按右鍵開窗選 Clip Properties.

Title clip in proj tree.png

點擊 Save As ,位於功能列上的按鍵。

Kdenlive Title editor toolbar.png
Title Editor Toolbar when title editor is wide enough for the whole toolbar to display.
The toolbar items are: Selection Tool, Add Text, Add Rectangle, Add Image, Open Document, Save As

或是選 Save as ,從功能列的子功能列裏可以發現>> 按鍵 - 請看圖示

Title Clip editor with menu.png
Title Editor Toolbar 當字幕編輯器不夠寬時,導致整個工具列沒法全秀出來。這些沒有秀出來的項目可以經由>> 按鍵來顯現在工具列的下面。


字幕會存成副檔名為 .kdenlivetitle 型態的文件。


Add Title ClipAdd Clip 的下拉選單 (看圖)

Add clip drop down.png

點擊 Open Document 按鍵,位於字幕編輯器的功能列。或選 Open document>> 清單,然後載入一個之前存檔過的字幕。


右鍵點擊專案上字幕,然後選擇Clip properties.

樣本字幕 - 使用者自訂

Template Titles 允許您對專案中的字幕產生樣板。您在專案中使用樣板可以重覆使用它。假如您想換字幕的外觀,只要換樣板就能把所用使用此樣板的字幕都置換掉外觀。


Choose Add Title Clip from the Add Clip drop down and create a title with the text %s in it and formatted how you desire it. Save this title as described above.

Template title1.png

To use the template title

Choose Add Template Title from the Add Clip drop down and choose the title with the %s in it that you just saved.

Right-click this clip in the Project Tree and select Clip Properties,

Title clip properties.png

Enter the text that this title should display into the text field in the dialog that appears.

Title template2.png

Drag the title to the timeline.

The %s in the template will be replaced with the text that you enter in the Clip Properties -> Text.

Title template3.png

A known issue with template titles is that text centering does not work correctly for text replacing the %s - see this forum post.

Template Titles - Built In

Kdenlive has some built-in title templates that can be accessed from the Template drop-down list found on the bottom of the Title Clip window - see below.

Kdenlive Template Title1.png

To install more built-in title templates choose Download New Title Templates from the Settings menu.

The .kdenlivetitle files that supply these templates are installed to /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdenlive/titles/

Import an Image into the title

On the Toolbar overflow menu (>>) shown in the picture below, the second menu item - (labeled only with Alt + I in ver 0.9.2 - fixed in ver 0.9.4) - is the Add Image Button. Selecting this brings up a file chooser where you can choose an image to be inserted into your title.

Kdenlive Add image to title.png

Draw Rectangle Toolbar Item

The 1st menu item shown in the picture above - (labeled only with Alt + R in ver 0.9.2 - fixed in ver 0.9.4) - is the Add Rectangle button. After selecting this, drag the mouse to draw a rectangle. Use the rectangle toolbar (shown below) to change the fill color, border color and border width of the rectangle.

Kdenlive Alt-R title menu.png

The rectangles can be placed behind text by selecting them and the changing the Z-index (top right corner) to a lower value.

Kdenlive Rectangle on title.png

To make the title scroll vertically

Put a long title onto the title window. Zoom out so you can see it all. The text should run off the top (or bottom) of the viewable area.

Select the Animation tab and click Edit start. Now drag the start rectangle to above the viewable area.

Select Edit end and drag the end rectangle to below the viewable area.

Click OK and preview the scrolling title.

Scrolling titles.png

The text in the above title scrolls up the screen. It is as if the camera starts on the "start rectangle" and then pans down to the "end rectangle"

To make the text scroll faster, change the duration field highlighted in red in the image above to a smaller value. To make the text scroll slower, change the duration to a larger value.

Note: changing the length of the title clip on the timeline does not change the scrolling speed. If the length of the clip on the timeline is longer than the duration specified in the title editor, the titles will pause on the screen between the time the title's duration expires until the end of the clip.

If the length of the clip on the timeline is shorter than the duration specified in the title editor, the scrolling will not complete before the title clip finishes.

Note: the above description of title behaviour with respect to duration only applies to titles that don't get edited after they have been placed on the timeline. If you expand the length of a title clip on the timeline and then edit the title (by double-clicking it in the Project Tree), its apparent duration will become the length that it currently has on the timeline (i.e., the scrolling will not pause at the end anymore) but the duration displayed in the title editor will not have changed.

To make the title scroll Horizontally

Use the instructions for vertical scrolling - just put the start and stop rectangles off to the sides of the screen rather than the top and bottom

How to fade titles in and/or out

To make titles fade in and out, you modify the transition which gets automatically added between the title and the track below. The modifications consist of adding keyframes into the transition and adjusting the opacity of the transitions at these keyframes. In version 0.9.3 it is an affine transition that is automatically added between the title and the track below. In ver 0.9.2 it is a composite transition.

In the image below we have four keyframes (labeled 1 to 4). The first keyframe is the one currently displayed and we can see that the opacity on this keyframe is zero. The opacity at keyframes 2 and 3 is 100%. The opacity at the 4th keyframe is zero percent. The overall effect is that the title fades in between keyframe 1 and keyframe 2. And then it fades out between keyframe 3 and keyframe 4 .

Kdenlive Fade titles anotated.png

How to fade in more than one title sequentially

To create a title sequence like this ...

The #evp parser function was deprecated in EmbedVideo 2.0. Please convert your parser function tag to #ev.

you put three titles on three different tracks but you make all three affine transitions go to the same empty video track (instead of the tracks directly below them, which is the default). See timeline screenshot below.

Kdenlive 3 fade in titles.png


Q: How to duplicate a title clip to modify it slightly.

A: You can save a copy of the title (see How to Save a Title) and then create a new title based on that saved version as described above, Or you could use the template titles functionality to base the two slightly different titles on the one template.

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