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Проблемы в Windows

The current Kdenlive on Windows® (July 2019, version 19.04.2-6) has a few issues that have workarounds. The purpose of this wiki page is to document these issues and their workarounds.

First time use of Kdenlive

This issue should be solved with Windows version 19.04.2-6. That kdenliverc is correct set up please start Kdenlive twice (start -> close -> start). Then start your work.

Intel graphic card driver

The newest driver version x.6890 and x.6912 lead to a corrupted Kdenlive GUI. Please downgrade to version x.6709 which solves the issue.

Timeline: right-click menu close immediately after releasing mouse button

Don’t use the style Fusion.

Go to: SettingsStyle → choose Default or Windows.

Icons are missing

Go to: settings → untick force breeze icon theme. Kdenlive restarts and you should see the icons.

Cannot open projects made with previous version, timeline snaps back, cannot import clip

Press Win + R (Windows key and R key simultaneously) and type appdata. Go to local and within it rename kdenliverc to kdenliverc.old. Start Kdenlive -> do nothing -> close Kdenlive -> and restart Kdenlive again.

If you have still problems delete proxy clips and other cached data by going to Project menu → Project SettingCache Data tab → there you can delete cached data.

If you have still problems try Any critical bug.

Windows 10: timeline stuttering or Kdenlive hangs.

Most probably you got a major Win10 update (i.e 1809). If so you have to update all drivers for audio and video.

Intel driver can be updated with this updater: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/en/download/28425/Intel-Driver-Support-Assistant.

"Недопустимый клип, он будет удалён из проекта"

Эта ошибка может появиться, после переустановки Kdenlive (см. выше). Просто перезапустите Kdenlive и проблема должна быть исправлена.

Additionally this can be a problem either with the kdenliverc file (see here Cannot open projects) or you have some mismatch in the "local" folder (see here Any critical bug).

Любая критическая ошибка

Здесь описан процесс переустановки Kdenlive в Windows®.

Во-первых, удалите папку c Kdenlive (Содержащую приложение)

Получите доступ к папке Appdata, (нажмите Win+R и введите заглавными буквами APPDATA). Перейдите в local и найдите папку kdenlive.

Если у вас есть сохранённые эффекты или клипы, хранящиеся в вашей библиотеке, сделайте резервную копию папки library.

Если резервная копия вашей библиотеки уже создана, удалите папку kdenlive.

Reinstall the latest version of Kdenlive from the download page

JPG files appear as white picture after rendering

This issue should be solved with Windows version 19.04.0. If not convert the JPG to PNG and it renders correctly.

Проблема с Воспроизведением/Паузой

This issue is solved with Windows version 18.08.2 (30. Oct 2018). Get the current version from the download page.

Сбой Qt во время сборки

When switching from kdenlive for windows 17.12 → 18.04/18.08, a Qt rendering crash appears. To make sure this doesn't happen, you need to edit the kdenliverc file in the appdata/local folder. To access your appdata, press Win + R (Windows key and R key simultaneously) and type appdata. Go to local and within it rename kdenliverc to kdenliverc.old.

При закрытии Kdenlive, процесс остаётся запущенным

This issue is solved with Windows version 18.12.1. Get the current version from the download page.

If you want to reinstall Kdenlive or re-run Kdenlive, it may tell you "The file or folder is open in another program". Windows® then won't let you delete or re-run Kdenlive.

Для исправления этой проблемы необходимо убить запущенный процесс: нажмите и удерживайте Ctrl + Shift + Esc для запуска диспетчера задач и выберите all details. Затем найдите kdenlive.exe и dbus-daemon.exe, и закройте оба процесса с помощью End task.

Или загрузите архив File:Kdenlive-kill.zip. Распакуйте его и дважды щёлкните по файлу, запустив, тем самым команду которая убьёт все запущенные процессы Kdenlive .

Не удаётся удалить Kdenlive

If the uninstaller doesn't work you can delete following folder: C:\Program Files\kdenlive. You have to manually delete in the start menu the Kdenlive folder.

Сбой Kdenlive или зелёный монитор

Get all newest Windows® updates. Afterwards, update your graphic card driver and your sound card driver and your printer driver. Some crashes could occur of incompatibility of the graphics card and sound card with the newest Windows®10 updates (18.09 update). After you have updated the drivers re-start the computer and try again by starting kdenlive.exe.

Если проблема осталась, переключите ваш стандартный принтер на “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” и попробуйте снова запустить Kdenlive.

Delete the kdenliverc file as descript here under Qt rendering crash.

Make sure you set processing thread to 1: Ctrl+Shift+, (comma)EnvironmentProcessing thread → set to 1

Общие проблемы

В Kdenlive (ноябрь 2018, версия 18.08.3) можно столкнуться с несколькими проблемами, которые имеют обходные пути.

Audio Pops and Ticks in Render

If this problem appears make sure the audio file is: 16-bit PCM WAV.

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