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This manual is a rewrite of the 1.6 manual. It is not complete


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There are many different brush types/engines available in Krita each with a distinct look and feel. They can be configured in the brush settings after your needs.

Brush Settings


In the brush settings F5 you can choose what engine to use, tweak it so that it works for you, try it out in the preview area and save it as a preset (the preview square doubles as icon).

Brush Presets

Presets can be tagged or grouped under any name. Choose brush preset with F6.

Krita Brushes.png

Bundles & Import/Export

When you have made nice set of presets you may want to share them with others or just back them up. You can do that by exporting them as a bundle. If you find a "brush pack" online it probably is a bundle. You can manage your resource under

  • Settings -> Manager Resources...

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