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This manual is a rewrite of the 1.6 manual. It is not complete


Brushes control what kind of effect is created when you paint with one of the paint tools. While the paint tools decide where you are painting, brushes control what is painted there. Brushes can include traditional natural media-like effects such as the hairy, spray and hatching brushes. Brushes can also manipulating existing pixels. Examples of those are the clone, filter and distort brushes.

Currently Krita has the following set of brushes:

  • pixel brush
  • chalk brush (might be subsumed into the soft brush)
  • curve brush
  • deform brush
  • duplicate
  • dyna brush
  • filter brush
  • grid brush
  • hairy brush
  • hatching brush
  • mixing brush (not yet finished)
  • mypaint brush (not yet finished)
  • particle brush
  • pixel pencil
  • sketch brush
  • smudge brush
  • soft brush
  • spray brush

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