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Krita is a unique application designed for digital painting and sketching. Krita offers an end-to-end solution for creating masterful artistry at any level. Krita does not focus on image manipulation, photo enhancements, or editing existing imagery. We welcome the advancements of other digital tools in these arenas, such as Gimp, Inkscape, and many proprietary solutions from Adobe, Corel, and others. Krita does not consider itself in competition with other programs. Why? Our focus is entirely different.

We welcome the aspiring cartoonist, the masterful painter, the wizards of digital creation. We constantly create intuitive tools consistent with the creation of conceptual art. Our focus is on the natural thinking and familiarity an artist requires to comfortably accept the digital medium. Inspiration for the tool sets within Krita begin in working studios around the world. Each tool is crafted from concept to completion, modeled from real-world painting materials and tools crafted by working artists.

Like fire and water, we place pragmatic open-source programmers next to working artists and watch the magic happen! Two different mindsets collaborate daily experimenting and building Krita. So who are these magicians behind the program? Tenured programmers, volunteers, users, students, artists, illustrators, in short... digital enthusiasts just like you. In fact, so much of Krita's success is based on input and artistic expression from Krita users, we invite you to call it your own!

We are confident in your talents and abilities, and welcome your ideas on how to evolve Krita to fit perfectly as your digital medium of choice. Familiarize yourself with the program and relish in the ingenuity of others that came before you. If you find yourself in that inspiring position to conceive of such a tool that Krita has yet to implement, you too can become part of the Krita team. (Newbies have to bring donuts!) You can explore the latest advancements and find out how at

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