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The Multibrush Tool

The Multibrush tool allows you to draw using multiple instances of a brush at once. It can be accessed from the tools bar. You can use any brush with the Multibrush tool.

Multibrush Icon.PNG

The settings for the tool will be found in the tool options dock.

Multibrush Tool.PNG

The multibrush tool has three modes and the settings for each can be found in the tool options dock. Symmetry and mirror reflect over an axis which can be set in the tool options dock. The default axis is the center of the canvas.

The three modes are:

  • Symmetry


Symmetry will reflect your brush around the axis at even intervals. The slider determines the number of instances which will be drawn on the canvas.

  • Mirror


Mirror will reflect the brush across the X axis, the Y axis, or both.

  • Translate


Translate will paint the set number of instances around the cursor at the radius distance.

As far as I can tell smoothness and assistant have very little affect on the quality or performance or appearance of this tool. If you know what exactly they are for please edit this page.

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