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Layer Menu

Krita Menu Layer.png

These options are related to Layer Management

Split Alpha
Split Layer
Mirror Layer Horizontally
Mirror Layer Vertically
Scale Layer
Shear Layer
Offset Layer
Clones Array
A complex bit of functionality to generate clone-layers for quick sprite making.
Edit Metadata
Each layer can have it's own meta-data.
Shows a histogram.
Convert Layer Color Space
Merge With Layer Below
Merge a layer down.
Flatten Layer
Flatten a Group Layer or flatten the masks into any other layer.
Rasterize Layer
For making vectors into raster layers.
Flatten Image
Flatten all layers into one.
Merge Selected Layers
Merge the layers that were selected with multi-selection in the Layer Docker.
Add Drop Shadow
A remainder of earlier attempts to make layer effects work. This will be removed shortly.

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