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Chalk Brush

Apparently, the Hairy brush is derived from this brush. Now, all of Krita's brushes have a great variety of uses, so you must have tried out the Chalk brush and wondered what it is for. Is it nothing but a pixel brush with opacity and saturation fade options?

In the end I asked the developers, and they explained that in fact, this brush uses a different algorithm than the Pixel Brush, and they left it in here as a simple demonstration of the capabilities of Krita's brush engines.

So there you go, this brush is here for algorithmic demonstration purposes. Don't lose sleep because you can't figure out what it's for, it Really doesn't do much. For the sake of description, here's what it does:


Yeah, that's it, a round brush with some chalky texture, and the option to fade in opacity and saturation. That's it.

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