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Color Management

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Krita offers extensive functionality for color management, utilising [Little CMS] We describe Color Management in a more overal level here: Color Management.

Default Color Model For New Images

Choose the default model you prefer for all your images.


Use System Monitor Profile
This option when selected will tell Krita to use the ICC profile selected in your system preferences.
Monitor Profile
The user can select an ICC profile which Krita will use independent of the monitor profile set in system preferences. The default is sRGB built-in.
Rendering Intent
Your choice of rendering intents is a way of telling Littlecms how you want colors mapped from one color space to another. There are four options available, all are explained on the Color Management manual page.

When Pasting Into Krita From Other Applications

The user can define what kind of conversion, if any, Krita will do to an image that is copied from other applications i.e. Browser, GIMP, etc.

Assume sRGB
This option will show the pasted image in the default Krita ICC profile of sRGB.
Assume monitor profile
This option will show the pasted image in the monitor profile selected in system preferences.
Ask each time
Krita will ask the user each time an image is pasted, what to do with it. This is the default.
When copying and pasting in Krita color information is always preserved.

Use Blackpoint Compensation

This option will turn on Blackpoint Compensation for the conversion. BPC is explained below BPC is a sort of "poor man's" gamut mapping. It basically adjust contrast of images in a way that darkest tone of source device gets mapped to darkest tone of destination device. If you have an image that is adjusted to be displayed on a monitor, and want to print it on a large format printer, you should realize printer can render black significantly darker that the screen. So BPC can do the adjustment for you. It only makes sense on Relative colorimetric intent. Perceptual and Saturation does have an implicit BPC.

Allow LittleCMS optimizations

Uncheck this option when using Linear Light RGB or XYZ.


Use the OpenColorIO Environment Variable (OCIO) - ---
OpenColorIO Configuration Path

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