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Krita's Preferences can be accessed from Settings > Configure Krita

Krita Preferences General.png

Cursor Settings

Cursor Shape
This is where the user can select which kind of cursor to show while painting. The available cursor types are shown below.(pictures will come soon)
  • Tool Icon
  • Crosshair
  • Brush Outline
  • No Cursor
  • Small circle
  • Brush Outline with small circle
  • Brush Outline with crosshair.
  • Triangle Right-Handed.
  • Triangle Left-Handed.
  • Brush Outline with Triangle Right-Handed.
  • Brush Outline with Triangle Left-Handed.
  • Arrow
Show Outline When Painting
This option when selected will show the brush outline while a stroke is being made. If unchecked the brush outline will not appear during stroke making, it will show up only after the brush stroke is finished. This option works only when Brush Outline is selected as the Cursor Shape.

Window Settings

Multiple Document Mode
This can be either tabbed like GIMP or Painttool Sai, or subwindows, like Photoshop.
Background image
Allows you to set a picture background for subwindow mode.
Window Background
Set the colour of the subwindow canvas area.
Don't show contents when moving subwindows.
This gives an outline when moving windows to work around ugly glitches with certain graphics-cards.
Show on-canvas popup messages
Whether or not you want to see the on-canvas pop-up messages that tell you whether you are in tabbed mode, rotating the canvas, or mirroring it.

Tool options

In docker (default)
gives you the tool options in a docker.
In toolbar
Gives you the tool options in the toolbar, next to the brush settings. You can open it with \


Autosave Every
Here the user can specify how often Krita should autosave the file, you can tick the checkbox to turn it off.
Compress *.kra files more.
This increases the zip compression on the saved krita files, which makes them lighter on disk, but this takes longer to load.
Undo Stack Size
This is the number of undoable commands Krita remembers.
Favorite Presets
This determines the amount of presets that can be used in the pop-up palette.
Create Backup File
When selected Krita will try to save a backup file in case of a crash.

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