Supported languages

This page shows a list of all languages supported by KDE UserBase Wiki, together with the names of the translators working on that language. A translator's name appears larger, the more edits the translator has contributed. The color of an underline indicates how recently a translator has been active here.

9 languages in total.

[pt-br] Brazilian Portuguese - português do Brasil

Language statistics and recent translations

Translators: André Marcelo Alvarenga, MarcusGama, Ezequias Santos, Diogoleal, Fhek, Nicolasoliveira, Fêla, Camilaraw, Brunourias, Kbianca, FuzzyBot, Lankys, Annew, Kakaroto, Claus chr, Ognarb, Areis, Frederico, Hsantanna, Drod, Vitorboschi, Cochise, Camila Moura, Neverendingo, A86 and Julianoa

Legend for the color: Last translation 0 30 60 90 120 150 180 days ago.

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