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Difference between project profiles and render profiles210:16, 20 June 2012
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Difference between project profiles and render profiles

It has never been clear to me what the difference between project profiles and render profiles is.

This page says

You should carefully choose your project format and select the one that fits better with what you want to output. All video operations on the project (like compositing, scaling, etc) will then use this profile.
For example, if your goal is to create a DVD, you should use a DVD profile with the correct frame rate (PAL / NTSC) and display ratio (widescreen or not).

But why should we do this? Surely it is the rendering that defines what sort of video we get.

I guess this page goes some way to explain what the project profile provides. Is it saying that if you don't match the project profile to the profile you render with at the end then the video operations that Kdenlive does will not be accurate because the frames per second or line count will not be correct ?

Can we be more explicit about what the project profile does?

14:43, 9 June 2012

It's fairly unlikely that the developers will see this request. It would be helpful if you asked the question on the forum, where there is a somewhat better chance of getting an answer, then feeding back the information here. We'd really appreciate that.

09:22, 10 June 2012

So I did post to the forum for a "somewhat better chance of getting an answer" and have had 74 reads in 14 days and no answer :-(. But when I do find out an answer I will post it here !!!

10:16, 20 June 2012

Under construction?

Is it safe to remove the Construction template now? No changes have been made for some considerable time, so I think it is ready.

19:26, 25 September 2011

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