There is some misunderstanding. That's not my screenshot (you can easily see this from the history of the image).

I still cannot understand what you want to prove. If it must be absolute default, then no KWrite will start with KDE, and no "Elegantly yours" in KWrite window, and no Konversation icon on the panel, and no Bluetooth on every desktop. What if there would be KWord? Isn't changing the font size in it "unusual customization"?

If you have different vision on how KDE 4.6 should be presented, please share it, but do not claim this screenshot does not meet guidelines.

11:31, 7 April 2011

Oh, seems we have broken some ice. Good news.

The settings used need not be default. However, they should be reasonably common. It should show the desktop at work, not at startup.

KWord would be formally all right, except that openSuSE recommends and provides LibreOffice so someone else would have to translate the screen shot. I could show the same thing in Okular (now that I have tamed groff 1.20 to typeset in Polish) or in Konqueror.

Changing the font size is not unusual for KWrite, especially when you are short-sighted or something, but changing the typeface to serif is surprising. I thought it was KWord when I looked at it.

14:55, 7 April 2011