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Imho math applications should be sorted anywhere but only in the education section. KRWard is a frontend to R, and Cantor ist, too - which is listed under Education/Math. On the other hand Cantor can use other backends like Maxima, which is more math orientated (solving equations and so on).

So could we rename "Sience" into "Math & Sience" or something similar?


Pipesmoker01:09, 27 June 2011

Surely, we can. But does it make sense? Every natural science in a modern world has mathematical core as well as any computer program.

What is the sense to separate physics, molecular biology, material science, programming, etc. from pure maths? For example, if GSoC project will be successful Cantor will have Scilab backend. Scilab can be used for pure mathematics (matrix algebra) or for engineering computation (Xcos). What is the right method to classify Scilab?

Yurchor06:31, 27 June 2011

Of course, science uses math to describe their theory. But math itself is an abstract theory and has nothing to do with describing or understanding real nature. So it doesn't fit into the science category, imho. E.g. I think I would not expect a CAS like Maxima in the science category. Adding "Math & " or " & Math" and then we could add Kig, too, couldn't we?

Pipesmoker12:34, 27 June 2011


But it leaves me with strange feeling like "Math is not a science" or "There are two branches: math and science"... Face-smile.png

Yurchor12:44, 27 June 2011

Probably we misunderstand ech other because of the meaning of "science". I mean that math is not a natural science, but of course it is a science in a more general sense. If science is understood in the more general way commonly, then we don't need to add math in the title.

Pipesmoker21:23, 27 June 2011