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The Kdenlive/Manual/xxxx is your section, you make the decisions, and we help as we can :-) From my PoV, it would be helpful if you looked at the index page, Kdenlive/Manual, and fix the redlinks - even if it means simply creating a page with ToDo on it. You will then need a DPL query on your user page to list those pages, making it easier to find them Face-smile.png I'll try to sort out the correct query today, and add it here, for you to experiment.

Once we have sorted that, tell me whether you want me to start marking up for translation.

09:44, 20 September 2011

I've pasted the query at the top of this page. It is showing the test page I made, so I think you will find it works OK. It's dynamic, so apart from refreshing the page from time to time you don't need to do anything with it. HTH.

15:43, 20 September 2011