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Mention of the "information icon" should be replaced by the actual icon. Does anyone know, where it can be found? It is easy to add icons to the page using the Icon template - see Toolbox#Inserting GUI Icons.

Claus chr10:39, 14 April 2012

It's help-about.png icon. It can be found here.

Yurchor17:31, 14 April 2012

The color is not right - the help-about icon is the normal blue-and-white one; however the one used in Kexi is gray.

Claus chr10:30, 15 April 2012

The color can be corrected. Just desaturate it, like Kexi does:

line 131

Result obtained using Krita


Yurchor13:19, 15 April 2012

That did the trick Face-smile.png I'm can't tell if it's an exact match, but it should be close enough. Thanks.

Claus chr14:27, 15 April 2012