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I had forgotten that we protected some "instruction" pages. Mostly I agree with you. It is indeed a Summary field, not a box, however, that's a technical distinction, not really a general user one, so I haven't changed that. Similarly, you'll see that I've marked buttons as menuchoices - again they are not strictly so, but we have agreed with the translators and docbook producers that we should so mark anything that denotes a choice made by the user. If you see other buttons not marked so please feel free to add the markup. Let me know if you come across protected pages that need such attention. Thanks.

14:38, 29 November 2011

Actually, the protection was added because we were getting a lot of spam - some of it malicious. I think we have this under control now, so I'll try to set some time apart to find the protected pages and remove the protection.

14:39, 29 November 2011

Thanks for updating.

Yes, maybe field is too tech-y, I wonder if there's a better term. Summary text area , is no better? doesn't help ;-)

I noticed inconsistency between click on (the) X and click (the) X. I'd drop the "on", it's just noise.

23:44, 1 December 2011

I'll keep the "Summary" question in mind, until we think of a better description. As for the "X" question, we would like to replace as many as possible of such occurrences with icons, clearly better in a multi-language system. Claus_chr created {{Template:Icon}} to enable this. See the full description on the template page. Help with fixing things like this would be greatly appreciated.

16:33, 5 December 2011