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It seems that it was decided to split this page in a series of small pages without consistent formatting (those pages have no headers and no sections). It will be very hard (if possible) to convert such a series of pages into docbook automatically. I have some problems with Amarok docbook already (the series can be nicely converted at once with images downloaded, but the TOC is absolutely unpredictable and should be edited manually to pass checkXML)

Can the conversion be stopped (it does not add the new content anyway) or tweaked in a way that the result multipage can be easily converted?

19:25, 4 March 2011

Following our IRC discussion, I'll await your explanation of the system for conversion to docbook, and suggestions/hints as to what works for your team. Ideally UserBase pages would be longer than docbook pages, with a complete section, such as configuration, in one page, but I will do whatever best meets the needs of the team.

13:34, 5 March 2011