Link no longer says "Log in / create account", and clicking on log in doesn't offer any method to create an account. I at last found how to create a KDE identity with the other link. If creating an account strictly for is still available, the instructions need to point people in that direction. If creating a KDE identity or some other more global account is the only way, this should be indicated instead.

23:56, 10 August 2013

OK. It needed a newer screenshot of the login area, too. I think it is now adequately fixed, but remember that this is a wiki. If you can see any way to make something clearer, please jump in with an edit. :-) It's particularly valuable if you are reading/writing about an application, as only someone who uses that application will know exactly what explanations are needed. If you see something that isn't clear and you don't know what should be there, use the discussion page to ask for info, which can then form the update.

Thanks for drawing our attention to this.

19:24, 11 August 2013

I think instructions should be updated again to explain how to register to phabricator, which I guess is the only way to register now.

Also there should be a quick start page for techbase. The link on the right hand side of techbase point to userbase guides, which explicity say they are not related to techbase.

19:20, 7 March 2016

Apologies, the new info is indeed missing. Still on todo.

10:41, 8 March 2016