Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Quick Start

After some discussion it was decided that Help pages for contributors were to be read by people who have sufficient English to be confident that they can write to an English root page or translate from English. It seemed logical, therefore, that there was no need to translate such pages. Some of them had been already marked for translation. The next step should be to take them out of the translation system. Thanks for reminding me.

10:44, 17 October 2010

I've reviewed this, and still think that it is the right decision for all the rest of the help pages, but the Quick Start page is not only for contributors. I've partially released the lock, which will allow translations and contribution by established users (locking out newly registered users only, to avoid vandalism and spamming). You may still see a warning, but you will be able to work with it. Please let me know if there are any problems with this arrangement, as it's the first page we've used it on.

06:22, 18 October 2010