Peter hello, thank you for the comprehensive reply.

I shall work through all these elements and report back.

Kind regards, Andy

19:21, 30 June 2013

Peter hello. It is another two years later, and I have the same problem.

Back when, you said:

    Please note that at the moment, there is no free dictation ("speech to text"), just commands.

Has anything changed?

I have Dragon Dictates, but that requires loading WinX, which I never use except for niche apps.I haven't booted it in at least two months. Linux Format flogged your product again this month, but if it can't do speech to text then it doesn't do what I want.

All sympathies to the reasons for which it was created for voice commands, but I need speech to text.

Kind regards, Andy [email protected]

20:47, 9 April 2015