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Replied to the registration process info already elsewhere.

As for the sidebar, feel free to adjust it with updated content. See

Neverendingo (talk)10:45, 8 March 2016

Since KDE userbase and Techbase share the way on how to modify pages, probably it make sense to keep the link to the userbase documentation without duplication. I suggest to add to the "Relevance" section two subsections: one for userbase and one for techbase where we explain what kind of content should be posted. Does it make sense?

Simgunz (talk)12:01, 8 March 2016

Yes, perfectly fine. I suggest to wait a little bit though, there is a sprint going on about improving the documentation on techbase. Not sure if there might be conflicting ideas. But keep it in mind.

Neverendingo (talk)12:07, 8 March 2016
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