I noticed, that we now have breadcrumbs - great news! Unfortunately, they don't work well with translated pages. The page A/B/C will have a breadcrumb something like this [[A|A]] < [[A/B|B]] < C. The Danish version af the page is A/B/C/da, which will generate this breadcrumb: [[A|A]] < [[A/B|B]] < [[A/B/C|C]] < da which has two problems. First, the trailing da should not be there, nor the link to A/B/C (admittedly this is a minor complaint), and secondly, the links to A and A/B go to the English pages, where they should go to the translated pages A/da and A/B/da.

I can't see how this is implemented, but if it uses ordinary wiki syntax, I guess adding Special:myLanguage to all links would solve the second problem.

16:21, 27 October 2010

The breadcrumbs are actually built in to Mediawiki, and automatically generated. I will mention it to the Translate developers, to see whether they have any ideas, but there's nothing we can do in terms of mediawiki syntax.

18:24, 27 October 2010

I'm told that changes need to be made at code level. We have a "volunteer" that says he will try for it when he gets home in a few days. (For "volunteer" read "press-ganged volunteer" :-D )

18:33, 27 October 2010

That's great. If he needs a good illustration of the problem, a page like Amarok/QuickStartGuide/GettingStarted/da should do the trick. If feedback is wanted, I'd be happy to oblige.

20:26, 28 October 2010