<example 1> Konqueror is primarily a web interface, but it can also function as a traditional file manager. If this is your preference, in System Settings, go to the Advanced tab and click on File Associations. In the list of Known Types, go to the inode/directory type. In the General tab at the right side of the window, select Konqueror in the Application Preference Order and click on the Up button until it is at the top. Click on Apply to save the changes. </example>

Actually I would recommend a few changes to the original text:

  • It is generally a bad idea to use names of GUI elements as anything other than names, så I would suggest replacing "In the list of Known Types,..." with "In the Known Types list ...".
  • I think inode -> directory is better than inode/directory; the latter is potentially confusing since it does not match one named GUI element.
  • I think "If this is your preference go to System Settings -> Advanced -> File Associations is a simpler and better way to present a sequence of GUI actions.
14:17, 1 October 2010