Please take a look at Digikam/Tutorials. After the re-organization the translated pages show at the beginning the old English messages followed by the new translated ones.

14:12, 7 June 2011

Was there an existing Italian translation? If not, it's Special:myLanguage doing its thing. This is a temporary situation, to help translators do a quick job of reorganising the page. Cut and paste from the old translation, instead of having to carefully translate. There is only Danish and Ukrainian to be done, after which the old stuff can be deleted from all the pages. I'd expect that to be done within the next few days. Hope that makes sense to you. The reorganisation is big, so we were trying to help cut down work.

15:47, 7 June 2011

Hi, thanks for the answer. It affects all the translated pages. The reorganization is now completed as you can see here

16:21, 7 June 2011

You have to do zero edit. Just add a space, then remove it, save the page, and everything will be right. ;)

16:21, 7 June 2011

It works! Very strange however. I keep it in mind for the next time. Thanks :)

16:25, 7 June 2011