They are different, I want to change userbase's interface language, look at this snapshot

The chinese category links have a lot of work need to do, I will modify chinese category link name when I have free time.

03:40, 2 October 2010

Ah - I thought you meant to the Translate language options. The interface settings are done from your Preferences screen, where zh-CN and zh-TW can be set. You can change them as often as you need to, it won't cause any problems.

If that still leaves you with things that need changing in the system messages I'll get someone with root access to join this thread.

06:20, 2 October 2010

Change Preference need an account and login in, but some visitors (guest) don't have (especially the person who visits this site first time).

another method is add this function to Translation Extension, for example, the extension not only redirect browser to /zh-cn page, but also change wiki' interface language(system messages) to zh-CN.

07:08, 2 October 2010

"Your wish is my command!" as the stories say. Pipesmoker has fixed it so that all languages are now available (if your browser is open from before the fix you will need to reload to see it).

13:17, 2 October 2010

haha, thanks

16:06, 2 October 2010