There was a good deal of confusion caused when an English page was accidentally translated and had to be rolled back. When that was marked as ready for translation again, the language statistics appeared to be incorrect - and in fact the two sets of statistics did not agree. Nikerabbit explains this: <quote> Few notes that hopefully help to clarify things: Special:LanguageStats: if group is 100% translated, the default task is 'review all changes' (definition pink + translation green) instead of 'show untranslated' (untranslated blue, outdated pink). If this is confusing we should discuss how to make it less confusing.

If the one who marks page for translation chooses to not invalidate translations, those translation should never show up in the view of untranslated messages, nor affect translation percentages. The only difference is that if you somehow go and edit one of those, you will see a difference between the old and new definition like you see for other invalidated translations.

Nikerabbit11:16, 8 August 2010</end quote>

16:14, 30 September 2010