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Sorry to keep going on about this issue, but today I encountered some difficult problems translating KrossWordPuzzle. There are several problems all related to the use of the menuchoice tag.

First, It seems to me to be potentially confusing to ordinary readers to use the menuchoice tags for anything other than actually explaining how to do some task using the GUI. If we use menuchoice tags the way the are used in the feature list of KrossWordPuzzle, readers may confuse what is merely a list of capabilities with a discription of how to actually accomplish something (and be frustrated because the don't understand the "directions").

Secondly, using the name of a GUI element in its "literal sense", fx treating Open as a verb, is going to cause problems to many translators. The great differences between the various grammatical systems would force translators to write awkward (perhaps even ungrammatical) texts.

Thirdly, we can never be sure, that a translation of the GUI even exists. If it doesn't, a translator of the UserBase page may need to have English words in the translation. Here I am assuming, that the name of a GUI element should always appear in print exactly as it is shown on the screen, which seems highly desirably to me.

Therefore I would recommend that names of GUI elements are avoided in feature list and similar places where we are talking about the capabilities of an application, but not about how to accomplish anything in detail. Perhaps the simplest way to think about this is to allways treat the thing enclosed in a menuchoice tag as a proper name. Would it be a good idea to add something like this to the guidelines or are there better ways to deal with the problems?

16:09, 25 September 2010

I did say that you might find other pages that were written before I had had the conversation with Yurchor. The best thing to do is simply point me to them, and I'll fix the problems. I'm dealing with so many pages that I can't possibly remember which pages might be affected, so you will just have to prompt me. Sorry.

17:07, 25 September 2010

Actually, my latest complaint was about yet another kind of problem with the use of the menuchoice tags. The KrossWordPuzzle page did not "abuse" the tag in the way we talked about earlier, but I still think that the way menu items were referenced is unfortunate. I'm sorry I didn't make that clear enough.

06:38, 26 September 2010