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Thirdly, we can never be sure, that a translation of the GUI even exists. If it doesn't, a translator of the UserBase page may need to have English words in the translation. Here I am assuming, that the name of a GUI element should always appear in print exactly as it is shown on the screen, which seems highly desirably to me.

I do not think it's a good idea to translate manuals for the applications with untranslated interface. Anyway, KrossWordPuzzle has not been translated to Danish yet. I cannot even to contact with the developer to ask him is it worth to put DocBook in the main SVN module, but that's the different story. ;)

To keep the good translations, I asked that screenshots can be translated, not as in Amarok Quickstart. It will be LP-quality translations of manuals if translators never use the applications. ;)

16:52, 25 September 2010

This author was active for a good while, but seems to have disappeared at the moment. I too tried to contact him. His apps are nice. I don't want to lose them.

I've re-marked the KrossWordPuzzle page. No guarantees that it's right, but of course you are free to edit as necessary.

The typographical guidelines are fairly straightforward to document. I'm beginning to think that we need a separate page for the actual markup for translations, and to ask translators to join the Talk page to help work out rules. I'm clear on straightforward decisions, but less formal pages are very difficult for me, and therefore I am not likely to write a good guideline for this.

I wasn't aware of the problem with the Amarok QSG pages - and there are a lot of them. I'll try to fix those over the next few days.

17:36, 25 September 2010