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I do this in page but that page doesn't exist!: everything is correct? __________________________________ on same page I can't translate last section "If you are willing to contribute..." it say :Invalid token (badtoken) can you help me?

12:43, 31 March 2012

The redlink - yes that is to be expected. At first, all that is on that page is the auto-generated link to your page. What you should do now is, in Farsi, put on that page something like "on this page you will find Farsi pages about...." - take a look at the English equivalent category page. It doesn't need to be a direct translation of what's there, but it will give you an idea.

The last section - since you can never save it, it's hard for me to guess. One possibility would be for you to paste the message that comes back - but if it's in Farsi I won't be able to read it Face-smile.png

The only thing I can guess at is the possibility that you are translating a part of a link that should stay untranslated, such as "Special:mylanguage/Tasks_and_Tools" where only the "Tasks and Tools" after the pipe symbol should be translated. If it's not that, I'll try to get someone from the i10n team to look at it for you.

14:19, 31 March 2012

no I didn't translate link. also when I select on ↓ and copy English, it give me same error.

16:16, 31 March 2012

Can you provide me the translation for that section as answer here? So i can do some tests.

18:33, 31 March 2012

اگر قصد همکاری دارید پیش از شروع لطفا وظایف و ابزارها را بخوانید. در صورتی که برای همکاری آماده‌اید اوضاع را برای دیدن ۱۰ همکاری برتر، صفحه‌های محبوب و صفحه‌های یر بحث هفته بررسی کنید.


I think there aren't any different. I can't write anything in any language.

05:21, 2 April 2012

Two of us have tested and been able to paste in your script above, so it's hard to know what the issue is. It could be cacheing, either at your end or on the server, or it could be that you are using a proxy - if that is so, please tell us. Anyway, if cacheing was involved it will have timed out now, so please try again, making sure that the links are active (i.e. only translate the bit the user sees).

By the way, you shouldn't need to rtl tag now, as the whole page has been set to rtl. We are testing a Mediawiki update that will mean they are not needed at all very soon.

15:43, 5 April 2012

thank you very much! I doesn't know why but this work good.

03:11, 6 April 2012