Thanks for the new page. I changed the markup slightly (I know we still have other pages marked like that) because we are finding that sometimes translators hit problems because of their particular language syntax when we are too prescriptive. In theory, what you marked is correct, but in practice we find that it works better for our translators if we simply mark the whole of the page within the translate tags. This allows, for instance, a translator to change an image to a localised one.

07:41, 5 June 2011

Thanks for letting me know, as I made the same error on another page as well (KColorChooser). I had started by copying the contents of the Gwenview page (I think) and edited from there. I hadn't seen any material in the contribution tutorial pages on where the translate tags go (or whether they should be manually inserted), so I just copied how that part was on the Gwenview page. I've gone ahead and made the same correction on the KColorChooser page as you did on the KIPI page.

08:05, 5 June 2011

The ColorChooser page has gone into the translation system now, thanks. The main thing about translation tags is to avoid manually adding them, the type tags, that is. The system inserts them and uses them as markers so that translated messages go back into the correct place. Manually inserted ones confuse and break the system. That's why we decided yesterday that we should put a warning on Edit pages, to remind people about this.

12:08, 5 June 2011