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Hi Carl

Could you give me edit rights, please, so that I can experiment a bit and make my observations more precise.

A couple more observations:

Sections starting with a colon (:) are no longer indented (see fx the list under the heading Relevance)

Spacing between bulleted items and images has changed. Previoulsy, the image was immediately below the previous item without extra spacing, and there was a big space between the image and the next item (too big imho). This behaviour has reversed: now the image is adjoined to the following item without spacing, and there is spacing between the image and the previous item. This is actually worse, because when the last line of the previous item is short the space appears way too big. See the license badges in the section First Things First.

Some of our info boxes have lost their colored background. This is the case for the Attention and Warning Templates as well as the Construction template (the latter may be caused by the former).

Section titles have become smaller and stand out less.

The phabricator task you linked to seems to be the wrong one - it has to do with the docs.kde.org page.

Happy tweaking,


10:00, 7 July 2019