Translating Categories

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there was one problem with my browser, konqueror, some fields had another translated string with that i saw in the translation extension of the wiki. With firefox i saw the "real" translations.

After that the link : :

hits to :Για_να_ξεκινήσετε/el&action=edit&redlink=1

and not to: "Για_να_ξεκινήσετε/el"

and it is marked as red (unexisting page) Is this a problem ?

I did nt understant what i have to do with the "Categories" as i cannot translate the equivalent English page. I think that the page "Για_να_ξεκινήσετε/el " will be composed with subcategories automaticaly, so it is an autogenerated page (?) or i have to add a text here :

Sorry, i am a little confused with this point.

Dglent15:02, 22 October 2011