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Hi Felix. I've changed quite a lot of markup to match the guidelines. The additional advantage is that it will need little or no change to make it available to translators. Let me know if you see any problems. Also let me know when you are satisfied that you have written all that's needed for the present, so that I can mark it for translation.

10:40, 6 September 2010

Hi Thanks, I was unaware of mentioned guidelines.

However, it seems that some of your changes broke the layout. As I have contributed only little to that page: Did you contact the other authors? I cannot judge about readiness for translation, but I guess that we would wait a little.

-- felix

11:03, 6 September 2010

I thought I had checked the layout - where did you see problems? I didn't contact earlier authors, since I hadn't changed any content, just markup, but if it's causing a problem I need to know, so that I can fix it, thanks. The reason markup is so important is because we have agreed it with the i10n and i18n teams. You can find more information about it on the pages linked from Tasks_and_Tools.

11:20, 6 September 2010