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Your instructions are

* Click on the red link to create the new page
*     Copy all of the contents of the KDevelop4 page and insert it into the new page
*     Change all occurrences of 'KDevelop4' and 'Kdevelop4' to 'KDevelop5'

(I have left the Kdevelop4 images files the same. I will do them later. right?)

*     Save and wait - please don't edit the new page yet 

(What do you mean here?? Just Save and publish or only Save?)

21:05, 15 September 2017

You have done exactly as I proposed :-). I shall now make your new page translatable and transfer the existing translations. Then you can edit the page further.

Edit: The deed is done - feel tree to edit!

07:49, 16 September 2017

OK,thanks, I will do the other pages so I can finish the move from documentation 4 to 5, and then start editing. Could you help me with this? How to add Greek Translation? I have not understand how to be a translator? and What the tags means for translation? And Imagine I have read the relative documents here and I found them fuzzy. :(

10:08, 16 September 2017

I can transfer all the pages if you wish.

As to translations: Now that you have translators rights there should be a few more links in the right hand side of under the heading of "Translators" (or something similar - if you have set your language to Ελληνικά the strings may have been translated). Now click the link "Start Translating". You may need to enter your language code in the box at the top of the page (el for greek). Now you will see a long list of translatable pages. Click on one, and you will be taken to the translation tool with this page loaded.

Now start translating :-) You don't have to translate a whole page in one go - you can always return and continue working on a page.

You will notice that the translation tool gives you small sections at a time. The way the translate system works every page is split into small translation units. This makes your life a lot easier once you have translated some pages and the contents of one of them is modified: The system will show you which units have been modified. You only have to revisit the modified units to keep your translations up to date.

Happy translating :-)

Before you proceed it is probably a good idea

07:53, 17 September 2017

yes, if you can transfer all the pages easier, please do it. I will be away the next two weeks for my vacations, so I will be away from computer or any device. My next step is :

to merge the docbook ,that exists in git for kdevelop, with this wiki kdevelop manual 5. The developers have updated that docbook and not the wiki so the docbook is updated than the wiki. 

I noticed that the docbook is xml. Is there any way to remove the xml tags and see it like a normal page? Or produce it in a readable format?

I will start translating too. Thanks.

19:40, 19 September 2017