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Thanks. So far I have just one more for you - I'll add others here as I find them. Today's is Toolbox/zh-cn

13:34, 8 April 2012

And a few more:

KDevelop/zh-cn Kdevelop4/Manual/Meet KDevelop/zh-cn KDevelop4/Manual/zh-cn Kig/zh-hans Dolphin/File Management/zh-tw

When I reorganise the category lists should I have a column for zh-hans? When people register for translation to Simplified Chinese are they going to be using zh-cn? What about the one that says also Traditional Chinese?

When I've finished the current clean-up I intend cleaning up those category translation lists. I started with four columns to each page, but some of the pages have grown, and still one or two languages don't have a column, so I'm trying to get together information about how many new columns we need.

18:14, 18 April 2012

There are many kinds of Chinese,

zh-hans: Simplified Chinese.

zh-hant: Traditional Chinese.

zh-cn: Simplified Chinese used in China mainland.

zh-tw: Traditional Chinese used in taiwan.

zh-hk: Traditional Chinese used in Honkong.

zh-mo: Traditional Chinese used in Macao.

Singapore(zh-sg) and Malaysia(zh-my),also have their own Simplified Chinese.

Fujian(zh-min-man) and Guangdong(zh-yue) are just dialect.

But except Wikipedia, it is meaningless to translate so many kinds of Chinese because their difference is just a little.

So zh-cn and zh-tw is enough, I will clean those zh-hans translations later(move them to zh-cn page)

Can you help me to remove those zh zh-classical zh-hans zh-hant zh-hk zh-min-man zh-mo zh-my zh-sg zh-yue in Translate Plugin ?

07:39, 19 April 2012

I am not able to do that, but I will ask Nikerabbit, the Translate author, to read this thread and respond.

15:38, 19 April 2012