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I have added instructions regarding markup of an itemized list to Help:Editing#Itemizations. Please consider reapplying my changes ASAP.

Yecril71pl16:38, 2 April 2011

Yecril71pl - this is not personal. We cannot make extra work for our translators by applying minor changes randomly. There are two ways we can approach this. We can either keep a note of pages where such changes would be an advantage, so that they can be applied next time some larger change is needed, or we can, in some cases at least, go through the existing page looking for places where an update is genuinely needed. If screenshots or text need updating to a new KDE or application version, then it would be good to add in your enumeration changes at the same time.

Would it be useful to have a page where we could jot notes about such pages, so that we don't forget?

annew17:43, 2 April 2011

I understand and I do not feel offended in any way.  However, it would be more useful to allow minor edits but translate reviewed versions only.  openSuSE and Mozilla do this with great success.  It would take the burden off the editors, managers and translators at the same time, although each in a different way.

Yecril71pl18:19, 2 April 2011

In theory I agree with you, but generally I'm the one doing the mark-for-translation - and it can get complicated, juggling edits that are OK, but not yet, and edits that are needed now. There is another option - we can put them in, and I can mark them as "don't affect translation" - as far as I know that would mean that they will get picked up later, but I'm not sure about that. Let me ask Nikerabbit (did you know that he's the Translate author?). We'll decide when he has had time to answer.

annew18:39, 2 April 2011
[21:08] <annew> Nikerabbit: hello - just explaining to yecril71pl about you being the Translate author
[21:09] <annew> we do have a question though
[21:09] <annew> if we mark a change as not affecting translation
[21:09] <annew> will it be picked up next time the translation needs changes?
[21:09] <annew> we are thinking of when minor changes are made
[21:10] <annew> that don't affect the sense, but would be tidier
[21:10] <annew> we don't want to make work for the translators
[21:10] <annew> but we want to ensure that it gets done and we don't forget
[21:10] <annew> what do you think?
[21:10] <annew> Nikerabbit: ?
[21:12] <Nikerabbit> annew: yes it will show diff of all changes since last translation
[21:12] <annew> ok, then that's the way to go
[21:12] <Nikerabbit> actually they will even see the diff even though you mark them not affecting translations
[21:13] <Nikerabbit> the message just doesn't come up for translation then
[21:13] <annew> yecril71pl: if you make minor changes in that class, leave a note here for me, so that I remember to mark the as not-translatable at this time
[21:13] <annew> Nikerabbit: thanks
[21:15] <yecril71pl> annew: how about storing a copy in a subpage for you to review?
[21:16] <yecril71pl> or in user space?
[21:16] <annew> yecril71pl: I don't think we need to and it just wastes resources
[21:16] <annew> just comment here and I'll pick it up
[21:16] <yecril71pl> OK
[21:16] <annew> either next morning or when I come home if I'm away
[21:16] <annew> it shouldn't be a problem
Yecril71pl19:31, 2 April 2011

I am told that your changes to English pages are causing serious problems for our translators, as you do not understand the needs of their languages. We would be pleased to see you working on translations to Polish. However, we must insist that you do not make any further changes to English pages. Please take this as a final warning. If you do not comply with this I will be obliged to ban you from any further contribution.

annew10:13, 7 April 2011


Yecril71pl10:54, 7 April 2011

Having found that you are now messing with pages in the Mediawiki namespace and translating pages that are not authorised for translation I am not prepared to put up with any more of your abuse of our systems. You are now banned from making any further edits.

annew17:51, 8 April 2011

How do I know which page is authorized for translation and which one is not?

Yecril71pl (talk)16:29, 19 August 2012

Having checked back to our previous exchanges, I see that we had to revert your translator status, as you were frequently managing to upset long-time contributors. If you wish to resume work with UserBase please remember that our guidelines are there for a purpose, and we do not appreciate you deciding to change things after our decisions.

annew (talk)19:00, 19 August 2012