Hi Yurchor I'm sorry you couldn't make it to Essen - we had a lot of fun and we missed you. I thought I would just give you a brief summary of what we did with UserBase.

You have probably already noticed our new logo, and the addition of help items to the sidebar.

Besides the sidebar, Pipesmoker also made a lot of tweaks to formatting. We no longer have the sudden break in background color below the sidebar; it has been replaced by a nice transition. And the <tt> and <code> tags have been made useful for us. He also improved the nested lists. We added something about this in the help pages.

On the translation side Nikerabbit did great work on several longstanding problems and some new ones that came up:

  • We can now delete or move pages, even when they have been translated
  • It is also now possible to remove a language, when someone have begun translating and then left without really doing anything.
  • Special:myLanguage links now show up red, when the page does not exist. (I just found an unintended side effect of this - links to untranslated pages also show up red and no longer takes readers to the English page, so this is not over yet).

When Anne, Hans and I were not busy putting others to work or otherwise pestering them we found time to do a lot of cleanup . For example we have removed a lot of dead pages and redirects, that are no longer needed. We spent quite some time cleaning up the help pages, adding new content, removing obsolete things and moving some things to new places. Among other things we added a bit about the format of dates that should make them completely unambiguous. We also made a new template for putting UI icons in text and described it in the help files.

We had discussions about how to attract more contributions. Hans had some interesting ideas involving the forums. They are not implemented yet, but could potentially be a great way to attract new writers. And toma had ideas about making a link between KHelpCenter and UserBase, that would allow users to add tips at the click of a mouse. We also had discussions of a complete redesign of the front page to make it more welcoming to contributors and easier to navigate for newcomers. This is something that probably will not happen until the new design for kde.org is in place.

We also talked about dockbook. Some projects wants to add old manual to UserBase and use it as a base for a new manual written in UserBase. It is painful to do by hand, so some kind of automated solution should be found. We can already transfer documents the other way as well as to pdf - even letting users pick and choose which parts they wants to include.

The most controversial issue came up at the very end. Toma and neverendingo advocated a much more open approach to translations - trusting the wisdom of the crowd is after all the idea of a wiki. Anne and I were not quite convinced. In theory we agree, but for many languages we are dealing with crowds of one. We might end up moving towards more openness, but we feel that caution is called for. Nothing has been decided on this matter yet.

This is as far as my notes go - I'm sure I have forgotten something. I hope you find this helpful.

21:18, 6 June 2011

Thanks for this complete report. Face-smile.png

03:30, 7 June 2011