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Enable Accessibilty

Starting Orca Screenreader

When orca is properly installed Plasma offers two ways to start it.


Plasma offers by default an shortcut to start the screenreader. After you loggend in press Meta+Alt+S to turn turn the screenreader on or off.


To autostart orca after login:

    1. go to KDE Control center
    2. Go To Section "Accessibility"
    3. Go to Tab "Screenreader"
    4. Check "Screenreader enabled" checkbox

Starting Magnifier

  • TODO enable eZoom plugin in KWin

Keyboard Navigation

Accessing the application launcher

  • Alt+F1 opens the K-Menu Application launcher just fine.
  • Alt+D is for configuring the Application launcher doesn't work but brings up KRunner.

Task Manager

System Tray

  • TODO how to put the focus on the system tray
  • TODO moving to the next element in the tray
  • TODO opening the menu of a tray icon
  • TODO menus that exists, notifications

Virtual Desktops

  • Ctrl + number switches to a virtual desktop. Use for example Ctrl+1 to access the first virtual desktop.
  • Configuring virtual desktops: TODO

Lock Screen

The lock screen is accessible.

  • Ctrl-Alt-L locks the screen
  • Use Tab to navigate the lock screen when active. There is one text edit for the password (type your password and press enter to unlock).
  • There are some additional buttons for shutdown and reboot.
  • The username is a list that can be navigated with the left and right arrow keys to switch between users and start new sessions.

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