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The Context pane

The Context pane is a panel to which you can add various applets which offer information and media on the current music. A connection to the Internet is required for the most useful use of these little applications, which will fetch lyrics, information, photos, videos, and even guitar or bass tabs, depending on which applets you choose to display.

Using the Context pane

Context pane with Current Track, Lyrics and Tabs applets

Pictured is the Context pane when no track is playing. If it is hidden, use View -> Context to display it. The pane is divided in two parts:

  • The applet panel itself, where you can interact with some of the applets, such as editing lyrics or changing settings.
  • The lower portion of the panel, where you can expand and collapse applets and manipulate them in various ways once you click the Configure Applets icon (the wrench icon).

Configuring Applets


Once you click Icon-configure.png in the lower portion of the Context pane changes slightly; each applet tab gets an Icon-application-exit.png icon that you can click to remove it, and there is a new green Icon-list-add.png icon which allows you to add new applets. To change the applet display order, click the tabs and drag them around the bar.


Context pane in action showing lyrics and song information

There are several applets available to dock in your Context pane; below is a description of each.

Applet Description
Current Track Information about the current track. You may rate it by clicking on the stars, add a position marker, or edit track metadata.
Similar Artists Fetches artists similar to the currently playing one, with a short description and options to find them in your collection, or on, and add to your current playlist.
Upcoming Events Displays upcoming events that involve the current artist or group. You can set a venue locale to be watched by entering the applet settings and narrowing it down under the Favorites section.
Wikipedia Wikipedia page for the track or artist. Also browse other Wikipedia links, and use the back button to go back to the starting page.
Labels View, add and edit Labels for the current song. To add a Label just type it in the text box and press Enter. Suggested Labels are user-contributed tags from
Videoclip Shows several videoclip matches from Youtube for the current track.
Tabs Fetches and displays guitar and bass tabs (if available). Not editable.
Lyrics Displays the lyrics of the song that is currently playing. Add or change lyrics scripts in the Script Manager.
Albums View albums from the current artist or band that are available in your local Collection.
Photos This applet queries for pictures of the band you're listening to. Open the settings to add more keywords to your query (e.g.: live in tokyo).
Info Information about the current media source. Allows you to navigate through internet services such as

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