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The toolbar is used to manage the currently playing song. You can switch between the main and slim toolbar using the View-menu in the menubar.
Toolbar menu.png

Main Toolbar

This is the default toolbar. It has a Play / Pause button on the left and shows the song title, album and artist in the middle.
On the left and right of the toolbar the previous and next tracks are shown and can be chosen by simply clicking on them.
A progressbar with the already played time on the left and remaining time on the right shows the current position in the song.
By using the slightly transparent buttons next to the text you can add the current song to your loved tracks on or add a position marker.
There is also a button to change the volume. A blue circle around the button shows the current volume. The volume is 0 at the bottom and increases counterclockwise. It can be changed by clicking on this border or by using the scroll wheel while the mouse is above the button. The sound can also be completely muted by clicking on it.

Toolbar main.png

Slim Toolbar

The slim toolbar has the same functionality as the main toolbar, but it is more compact. Additionally the slim toolbar has a button to stop playing so the current song will be restarted when you press Play again. It has all buttons concerning the current track on the left and only the volume control on the right side. Here the volume is controlled by clicking on the button and dragging the slider or using the scroll wheel while the mouse is above the button.

Toolbar slim.png

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