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Organize Collection


While organizing your collection in Amarok is a straight forward task, you will be manipulating the actual files on your hard drive. Please be sure you have a backup of your files before you begin.

With the Organize Files function of Amarok, you can easily manage the media files on your hard drive. When you change the naming scheme of media files, you will organize them, which is very powerful. To access the Organize Files function, right-click Local Collection -> Organize Files in the Media Sources panel and the menu interface will pop-up.

Oraganize menu.png

Organizing Files Interface

Organize using the following interface:



Interface Item Description
Collection Folder The default collection folder. Set multiple folders in Settings -> Configure Amarok.
Token Bar Drag and drop multiple tokens here to change the naming scheme of your media files. Only available in Basic view.
Format Presets When you have created your naming scheme, save it as a preset by clicking Save Preset. Remove presets by clicking Remove Preset.
Replace Spaces With Underscores If checked, converts spaces in filenames to underscores.
Ignore 'The' in Artist names If checked, artists' names starting with 'The' will instead be styled ', The'.
VFAT Safe Names If checked, replaces characters that are incompatible with MS-DOS or VFAT file systems with underscores. Most people can leave this option enabled.
Restrict to ASCII If checked, all non-ASCII characters will be replaced with underscores. Do not check this option if you have non-English characters in your tags. Most people can leave this option unchecked.
Custom Character Replacement Replace the tag expressions you write under the Replace box with character strings you write in the With box. Useful if there are misspellings in CDDB.
Destination Preview Shows the original naming scheme of your media files and how they will look after the changes are applied.
Overwrite Destination If checked, overwrites files of the same name without asking for further confirmation.

Advanced Contents


The code version of the Token Bar, which allows you to code the name format of media files. Activate it by pressing Advanced... in the interface menu. To change back click Basic....


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