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Amarok/Manual/Lista de músicas/Filtragem da lista de músicas

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Filtragem da lista de músicas

A função Pesquisar na lista de músicas do Amarok é bastante poderosa, pois permite-lhe procurar por diferentes faixas de acordo com diferentes critérios. Os resultados da pesquisa limitam o que você pode ver, facilitando o trabalho de organização da fila ou a remoção da lista de músicas.


Campo de edição

When you type something in the Search playlist field, Amarok will search in your playlist and mark matching tracks, artists and so forth.


The first track that matches the current search will be highlighted as in this example:

Amarok playlist search ex.png

Search Preferences

This is a small drop down menu with options for the search field, if you need more than simple search. You can choose which types of searching you want to use in your Search playlist. Check the boxes according to what you need for your search.

Check boxes
Name Description
Tracks Amarok will search for text from tag: Track Titles
Albums Search for text from tag: Album titles
Artists Search for text from tag: Artist
Genre Search for text from tag: Genre
Composers Search for text from tag: Composer
Rating Search the rating of all songs in your playlist
Years Search for year of publication
Show only matches When this box is marked Amarok will display only the tracks that match the current search
Show only matches - example
Amarok Show only matches.png

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