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Saved Playlists


Saved playlist is a traditional type of playlist. Saved playlists work like Amarok's current playlist, they are just saved on the Amarok Database or file system for later use. Sharing your saved playlists with your friends is easy and using them at events when you have specific songs to be played is the only option

Saved playlists can be created with Amarok itself or they can be imported from file system. Creating a saved playlist is very easy and you can create a playlist with exact songs and order that you want. However, sometimes it is faster to use Dynamic Playlists or Automatic Playlist Generator when you really don't need to be so specific with songs and order.

To browse your saved playlists, go to Playlists -> Saved Playlists from the root of the Media Sources pane.

Managing saved playlists

Saving a Playlist

You can save your current playlist into Amarok database by clicking Save-icon(Playlist save icon amarok.png) at the bottom of the playlist view.

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