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    Amarok Shortcuts

    Control Amarok using keyboard shortcuts, which are combinations of keys which each control a specific action. Amarok has default shortcuts, but you can also make your own.

    Default Shortcuts
    Action Shortcut
    Increase Volume +
    Decrease Volume -
    Edit Details of Currently Selected Track Ctrl + E
    Search in Playlist Ctrl + J
    Shuffle Playlist Ctrl + H
    Play Media... Ctrl + O
    Play/Pause Space
    Previous Browser Backspace
    Copy the Currently Playing Artist and Title to the Clipboard Ctrl + C
    Queue Track Ctrl + D
    Quit Ctrl + Q
    Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
    Seek Forward By 2 seconds* Ctrl + Right
    Seek Forward By 10 seconds* Right
    Seek Forward By 60 seconds* Shift + Right
    Seek Backward By 2 seconds* Ctrl + Left
    Seek Backward By 10 seconds* Left
    Seek Backward by 60 seconds* Shift + Left
    Activate Search Bar Ctrl + F
    Toggle Full Screen Ctrl + Shift + F
    Undo Ctrl + Z
    Save Playlist Ctrl + S
    Select all Ctrl + A
    Rename F2

    * These durations are configurable in the amarokrc.

    How to make shortcuts

    You can configure shortcuts from Settings -> Configure Shortcuts... where you can change or make new shortcuts.

    How to use Configure Shortcuts...

    Button Description
    Search Search Actions and Shortcuts.
    Details Add, remove and get more information about shortcut schemes.
    Reset to Defaults Reset all custom shortcuts back to default.
    Print Print the list of shortcuts.
    OK Save all changes.
    Cancel Close window without saving changes.

    When you select an action, that opens a sub-window where you can choose between two radio buttons, Default and Custom. If you choose Default you'll use the default shortcut. If you choose Custom you'll configure and use your shortcut for this action.