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Playlist Menu

This is a top-level drop down menu where can configure your Playlist. From here you can add more tracks, streaming radio channels, and clean your playlist.

Menu Items
The Amarok Playlist Menu
The Amarok Playlist Menu
Menu Item Description Shortcut
Add Media... Opens a media file to be played in Amarok
Add Stream... Choose different streaming radio channels using the URL bar, by pasting or typing the link
Export Playlist As... Save your favorite playlists in various formats - mp3 streaming, Shoutcast, xspf
Undo Go one step backward Ctrl + Z
Redo Click "Redo" to do the last step over again Ctrl + Shift + Z
Clear PlayList Cleans the current playlist
Remove Duplicates Removes duplicate entries in the playlist
Playlist Layouts Changes the visual style of the Playlist
Edit Queue Allows you to change the order of your queue
Playlist Layouts

From Playlist -> Playlist Layouts switch between different layouts with radio buttons, and configure your personal Playlist layout.


Playlist -> Playlist Layouts -> Default

No Grouping

Playlist -> Playlist Layouts -> No Grouping

No Grouping (Single line)

Playlist -> Playlist Layouts -> No Grouping(Single line)


Playlist -> Playlist Layouts -> Verbose

Configure playlist layout...

Playlist -> Playlist Layouts -> Configure playlist layout...

This option allows you to make your own Playlist layout; display Artist, Genre, Year, BPM and so forth.

Make your own layout