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Amarok: Zaczynamy - Terminologia

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Pasek położenia

Jest sposobem nawigacji po hierarchicznej strukturze plików. W programie Amarok znajduje się na górze panelu Źródła mediów. Zaczynając się od poziomu katalogu Home (ikona katalogu) można zobaczyć jak głęboka jest struktura. Wybierając dowolne miejsce w strukturze, można dostrzec wszystkie katalogi wyższego poziomu (znajdują się na lewo od wybranego miejsca). Separator > który znajduje się pomiędzy poziomami jest menu, które umożliwia wybranie alternatywnych miejsc z tego samego poziomu. Pasek położenia to wydajny mechanizm nawigacji po systemie plików komputera.


All the sound files that Amarok has compiled in the database. Your collection may vary in size and composition of music tracks, depending which external devices (such as audio CDs or portable players with music) are connected and mounted on your computer.

Content Browser

This is the central part of the Media Sources pane that allows you to list the music that you have in your collection. The Content browser allows you to select the sort order of your track lists as well as the detail in which you wish to see your music.


A selection of tracks from your collection that you wish to play. Some portable music players have predefined playlists that are likely to differ from your Amarok playlists.


Amarok plugin to extend functionality. Scripts are available from Tools -> Script Manager. Add more lyrics sources, more streaming stations, save covers to your album folders, burn CDs from playlists, etc.


To scrobble a track means that as you listen to it, the title of the track and artist are sent to a Web site such as, where the information is added to your profile.

Stream, streaming

Like 20th-century radio stations, Internet radio stations send out "streams" of content. One can find music, news, commentary and opinion. Many streams can be accessed through Amarok, either through scripts such as Cool Streams, or individually added by menu (Playlist -> Add Stream).


The information about each of the tracks you listen to, e.g. album name, track title, composer, artist, year, etc. There is a standard called ID3 for including this information on audio CDs. You can edit the tags of individual tracks within Amarok if the file permissions are correct.

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