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Amarok logo.png Amarok es un gestor de música de la comunidad KDE

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Amarok es un reproductor de música libre, multiplataforma, versátil, potente y rico en funciones. Permite gestionar la colección musical de forma sencilla, automáticamente busca información y carátulas, y tiene compatibilidad integrada con servicios como Jamendo,, Magnatune, Librivox, etc. También puede ser totalmente personalizado, de forma que los usuarios pueden modificar su aspecto y la distribución de los paneles para ajustarse a sus necesidades. La última versión estable es la 2.3.1

Si eres nuevo en Amarok, puede que quieras leer la Guía de inicio rápido de Amarok.

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Amarok se presenta, por defecto, con una interfaz de tres paneles.

El panel izquierdo

The left pane is tabbed and retractable. The first tab is the collection browser Local Music, which is the primary interface to your local collection. Attached devices will also show up here. There is a tab for all Internet services that you have enabled. Here, you can browse listings of radio stations and podcasts; listen/subscribe to them, interact with your account, purchase music from online stores such as Magnatune and download independent artists' music from Jamendo and more. The Playlist tab allows you to create and manage dynamic and traditional playlists and podcasts. Finally, the Files tab displays an integrated file browser.

The central pane (Context View)

This is where all the action is. The pane contains applets that dynamically change to display context information about the song that is currently playing. You can see the rating, score and play count of the currently playing song, other songs by the same artist that you have, the lyrics of the song, the Wikipedia page on the artist and more. These applets can be added, removed or rearranged using the applet bar at the bottom of the pane.

The right pane (Playlist View)

Amarokhas the most configurable play list of any music player in existence. While most offer a columnar layout as default and perhaps a few other fixed views for the play list, Amarok puts the power in your hands to shape the play list any way you see fit. To start you off, there are three example play list layouts that you can use as starting points to create the layout that fits your flow the best.


Plays music

Amarok can support most popular formats for music files. The actual list of formats is dependent on the codecs and audio backend in use on your system. There's also support for traditional play lists — you can create, save and load all the play lists you want.

Device Support

Currently, basic iPod, MTP and UMS support are enabled if the required packages are installed. This will be improved upon and more devices will be supported in the future releases.

The button Merge View at the top of the collection lets you merge collections. This means songs from your local collection, audio CD, mp3-player and so on will be shown in one unified collection. It is a toggle switch so you can easily revert to showing the separate sources.

Configurable Context View

Amarok - Context View Configuration.png
The Context view, the centerpiece attraction in Amarok, can automatically fetch contextual information about the currently playing song (such as album art, lyrics or Wikipedia information) from the Internet and display them. This is one of the unique features of the Amarok series.

More Internet Services

Amarok - Internet Services.png
Amarok opens the gateway to a rich multimedia experience on the Internet.
  • Sporting interfaces to services such as Ampache music servers and mp3tunes lockers, it allows you to listen to your music from anywhere in the world.
  • You can sample and buy music from Magnatune.
  • Using the Jamendo service, you can listen to and download music from independent artists who can be supported by your donations.
  • With integrated functionality, you can scrobble your tracks, use features like statistics, charts and listen to radio streams customized to your music taste — all from Amarok.

And that is just the beginning — you can add even more Internet services using the Script Manager.

Script Manager

Scripts are add-ons that allow you to extend Amarok’s functionality in innovative ways. Using the Script Manager, you can manage these scripts in that it allows you to install/remove or enable/disable scripts you already have. You can also use the Get More Scripts feature to download new scripts submitted by other users.

Cover Manager

You can browse through your music collection using the nifty Cover Manager that displays the album art.

Rating and scoring

You can show your love for the songs by rating them. Amarok supports ½⋅✩ ratings, too. In addition, Amarok can calculate a score (a sort of guessed rating) depending on metrics such as how often you listen to or skip a song.

Pop-Up Dropper

This is an innovative interface that offers contextual options (such as the ones you see in a right-click menu) that you can "drop" a song into. Grab a song and see it appear in the context view pane!

Configurable Playlist View

The currently loaded play list is highly configurable and can show information about the songs in any form you like. If you are used to the Spreadsheet View found in Amarok 1.x series and other music players, you can have that, too! The Playlist View also allows you to save or export the current playlist.

Dynamic Playlists

Amarok allows you to create weighted random play lists that adhere to various criteria exactly (Proportional bias') or approximately (Fuzzy bias). For example, you can create a play list that will be randomly populated by songs that are rated more than 3 stars and are approximately from around the year 1967!

Replay Gain Support

Amarok supports replay gain tag information embedded in files and automatically adjusts the overall volume of the song to a common level.

Rediscover your music!

Hints, Tips and FAQs

If you find that most of your music is recognized by Amarok, but some folders are not properly picked up, open a console and type

touch folder

where folder is the path to the folder that has the problem. Then select Settings -> Configure Amarok in Amarok main window menu, and open Collection -> Rescan Collection page. Your folder should be visible again now.

More Information

Dialog-information.pngSupport for this application can be found from the project's home page

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